broken beans Ravensburg, Germany

BROKEN BEANS is a one-man-band out of Ravensburg/Germany.

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Track Name: 01 mayflies
we're here to stay
leave your brain at the backdoor
we wanna fight for this american dream
we are ants with a very low iq
there's no way we're here to stay
we're cans - filled with gas inside
we're dumb enough to fight
we're cans - we're so sick
we're sick and there's no way out
brains are pricey you have to run
if you want to live
it's not wise to die in war
you have got to run
we are mayflies our brain is unable
and our language is gone
we have to fight and we lost conversation
they'll take our shadows and kill
Track Name: 02 no fireworks this year
this bank is empty this state is debased
no cash for buildings no givers to locate
there's no tomorrow the streets are destroyed
thanx for this crisis we all were waiting for
no fireworks today thank you for decay
this day is to remember it's sad there's no parade
no fireworks this year town can't afford
it's sad, no parade but a day to remember
no fireworks this bank is dead and empty
this town just can't afford
it's sad that there's no parade now
Track Name: 03 sail the seven seas
the waves are crashing down, the sky is dark and stormy
i'll sail the seven seas, there's no chance to cast off
the waves are high as walls, the tides are getting higher
i'll sail the seven seas, there's no chance to cast off
we're together to sail, above these waters and channels
we're sinking and will die, at this sea in this fog
in another life in another place
we will sail the world, we'll find a way to get away
in this other life everything is clear
you will always win and no one ever cheats on you
in this other life loved-ones never die
you will always win and no one ever cheats on you
when i was a sailor, when i owned a manor
when i forced the oceans shoal, i won't sell my soul
Track Name: 04 little rascal
when i was a little rascal
they always want to kick me down
they always want to steal my joy
and i was wonder why
when i was a little rascal
they told me how i shouldn't be
grew up with those silly rules
and now i feel so strong
i couldn't believe
since the day i was born
i couldn't agree
i should have known
i couldn't believe
i took a wrong turn
i couldn't agree
i should have learned
Track Name: 05 tears on the dead
this is a world war this life is such sore
we have to die for this government
tears on the dead, they died for nothing
flowers to send to funeral
widows pension is all thats left
grandparents hiding all their tears
Track Name: 06 don't look back
doesn't matter what had happened to you, sometimes it's cruel
and don't look back in anger
feeling better on the things you will doe, don't be a fool
and don't look back in anger
i'll never look back, i don't give a fart
i can't imagine how this engine will start
and all this sorrow i don't wanna see
and all my thoughts are history
i will never look back, i want to forget all day
Track Name: 07 all those years
by the way i feel sad, a sorry goodbye, live in the past, i'm feeling much better
i'll show you my back, still feeling better, this is my serving, i wrote you a letter
sadness is seldom, i wish you good luck, i'm feeling much better, a better way out
all those years, i felt the hate rise up in me, i felt the earth beneath my feet
i was suffering from cold, i felt guilty having fun, and my sadness went away