broken beans Ravensburg, Germany

BROKEN BEANS is a one-man-band out of Ravensburg/Germany.

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Track Name: 01 amazing times
this world is growing up too fast
the aims are reached all things are seen
there's no time left for our past
the aims are reached all things are done
we are on top we are on top
amazing times we cannot stop
a dwindling sign we cannot stop
there comes the time marginal scope
after the peak there will be drought
they learn and they won
people walkin on the moon
they have control about the fire
babies growing in test tubes
it all started with rusty wire
Track Name: 02 tunnel vision
someday we'll understand it
i hope it's not too late
we need to see more than we are able to
we have to fight for changes
i hope it's not too late
we usually run in circles fearing of our chain
must change our habits now
and now we see what we've done
hide from fallout there is no return
we turn away from the correct way
and close our eyes not ridding
we look away from each others
we only see the things we see
Track Name: 03 is it a sign
tell me is it a sign is it true is it fine
we can never find out it is unknown
will there be any time
words are spinning on mind
we can never find out we are alone
there are moments to share
there are reasons to care
feel like we never got the timing right
there is rage in the air
no more words it's unfair
feel like we never got the timing right
tell me is it a sign we never find out
will there be any time it is unknown
is it true is it fine we never find out
words are spinning on mind it is unknown
Track Name: 04 on a wire
man fragt sich staendig was das alles nur soll
menschen die traeumen alle finden sich toll
das ganze netz ist mit daten gefuellt
das social network hat schon alles enthuellt
my life is on fire i live on a wire
einfach alles wissen einfach alles haben
einfach jeden kennen einfach jemand sein
alle updates scannen alle daten sichern
alle infos sammeln alles ist im blick
Track Name: 05 adventure role play
one time i am searching in vain
got time and my score is unknown
we found a witch in the dark
get down with the money galore
we're here and we're searching the crown
take care of the traps and the pits
wake up hide your gun and your knife
and you'll see that you'll win
and next level is on
well we like it - a taint and a fall a seven for all
well we like it - a faint and a call i sat on the floor
Track Name: 06 time runs out
we've been waiting so long
it feels like twenty hours
all is said and done forever
we've been running for long
it feels like there's no order now
all is said and done however
and now, we are assassins
for now, we feel like bad twins
somehow, so it runs for everyone
asking why this tale went wrong
wir haben lang gewartet
wir warten immer noch
zuviel zeit ist hier vergangen
und wir warten immer noch
wir haben lang gewartet
wir warten immer noch
all die tage all die naechte
zuviel zeit, wir warten noch
tick tack die uhr sie laeuft
the time runs out
there is no doubt
i want to shout
Track Name: 07 failure in poetry
Track Name: 08 business as usual
what must be done,
this wheel's always turning and never stops
in a world of verve, we all need love
killing never stops as long as money talks
in a world of armor wanna yell out loud
do we want a silver life at any price?
business as usual, look at the price you pay
set in stone and watch your share for sure
feel well is far aside, we're making dollars
infested - and venom is in the air
who'll save our world from next meltdown
who'll save our life from next fallout
please save our ground you're so hollow
you'll burn in hell can't stand this hum
hail down and jump your shadow
when you cannot find out what is gold
kneel down and catch your shadow
when you cannot feel the world is cold
nail down and watch your shadow
when you cannot see money is cold
hail down don't wanna follow the wheel
blown like a candle in the wind
Track Name: 09 sunbeams
i am standing in the rain
and i'm sad about the water
raindrops falling on my skin
and i'm walking through my quarter
seeing signs of blueskies in this city
the sun is coming feeling cold and giddy - old
i am hopeful weather's getting pretty
in my mind i'm singing lovely ditties - oh
over there a sunbeam shines
it comes out through the clouds
looking there i can't believe
but that's what they announced
rain falls down on my wet face
Track Name: 11 day in day out
i'm afraid of the sun i won't follow the light
not the same direction never scared of the run
i won't follow the light just stand won't follow
i'm a link of this chain
i'm a sinner won't follow break the arrow
can you feel the despair
is the devil alive i just won't like him
your world in mine i won't sell it
another world i would see i'm always on one side
dark hole i'm searching for light i'm hearing voices they say
Track Name: 12 fukushima